January 24, 2012

February Programs

Garden University has two programs in February that are sure to get you ready to work in the garden!

On February 4th, at 1 p.m., landscape designer Carol Lindsay will speak about creating Dramatic Vignettes for your Garden in Winter. Is your garden spectacular in winter? Or is it like many gardens, slightly boring, reflecting the blahs of winter? Do you avoid looking at your landscape once December comes, trying not to see the mulch, limp Hellebores, and those varied perennials that are supposed to be evergreen but look tattered and torn? Do your neighbors have the old styled rhodys, azaleas, and red weeping Japanese maple thing going…looking nice, but not very exciting?

Don’t let your winter garden get you down…Landscape Design in a Day owner Carol Lindsay will show how to work with your landscape for drama and interest year round. She will also show slides of residential gardens .......and include some of her favorite full season plants at the Oregon Garden.

Carol Lindsay, is the Landscape Designer for Design in a Day. She is also a partner in Urban Renaissance, a home design/build service w her partner and spouse, Robert Lindsay.

Carol, a native Oregonian has trained and worked in the theatre arts and brings that background into her garden design practice. Having an eye for the dramatic possibilities helps, whether siting a hillside home w her design build partner, or using improvisation skills to create a Landscape Design in a Day with her clients.

Carol, is past president of ANLD, (Association of Northwest Landscape Designers) and an active member since 1992 when she opened her practice.  Carol created a unique design process called Design in a Day that allows a professional, to scale, landscape design to be completed in one day, saving clients time and money. Each design is unique, customized to the family and the site. This includes unusual plant materials selected to fit together for water and soil needs as well as the client’s skill level. She follows up with Growing the Design, a garden coaching service that keeps the goals of the design intact as the plant material and the gardener mature. Hardscapes are not neglected as they are the bones of any design. Design in a Day makes up about 50% of Carol’s design projects with full detail landscape designs and installation project management filling the rest of her available time.

Visit Carol's website: http://landscape-design-in-a-day.com/

On February 11th, at 1 p.m., Kris Wetherbee will demonstrate techniques on Herbaceous CookingCome discover the magic of culinary herbs as Kris Wetherbee imparts her passion and knowledge on using herbs from garden to table. Learn how you can turn ordinary dishes into something extraordinary through the use of fresh herbs. Wetherbee will share her top tips for growing herbs along with how to store fresh herbs and prepare them for cooking. Then taste for yourself the difference fresh herbs can make as she prepares and shares a recipe or two.

Oregon-based Kris Wetherbee is an internationally published author, freelance writer and recipe developer specializing in the areas of food, gardening and outdoor living. Her recipes and articles have appeared in magazines such as Coastal Living, Cooking Light, Relish, Herb companion, Mix, Delicious Living, and Northwest Palate. A former certified organic market grower, Wetherbee is author of the Oregon Farmers' Market Cookbook and Guide and the Washington Farmers' Market Cookbook and Guide.

As a former market grower, she have grown over 80 varieties of culinary herbs. Her culinary herb garden is now a feature in her front courtyard garden, located a mere 10 feet from her kitchen. 

Tickets for each program are available by calling The Oregon Garden at 503-874-8100. Please call ahead because space can be limited. $15 general admission (includes Garden Admission); Free for Oregon Garden members.